easytainer - open alpha

Easytainer is a serverless docker platform that runs docker images in response to HTTP requests.

$ pip install easytainer-cli

# this is your personal token it allows for upto 5 endpoints
$ export AUTH_TOKEN=xxxxxxxxx

# currently only images from hub.docker.com are supported.
$ et create docker/whalesay -c "cowsay hello from easytainer.cloud"
> Success: Container will be available shortly
> http://mango-and-sticky-rice.run.easytainer.cloud/

$ et ls
> http://mango-and-sticky-rice.run.easytainer.cloud/ -> ready

# removing an endpoint
$ et rm mango-and-sticky-rice


Why build this?

I wanted a way to monitor my bank account's balance. Creating a scraper with google chrome inside a container seemed like a natural step to take. (kairichard/consorsbank)
But how to reliably and safely expose the results for PRTG to monitor?
That is why I created this.


If you have any questions, want to give feedback or need help simply write an email to incoming+kai.richard.koenig/[email protected].
I will try to get back to you as soon as possible.


Created by @kairichard.

easytainer builds on open-source technologies. In particular, easytainer would not have been possible without the excellent flask and docker-py libraries. The project is hosted here - help is of course appreciated.